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Bikes and Books never sounded better
Welcome to our website. We hope you will find our services to be helpful. We are commited to help you at the time you need it, be it with bikes, books, or your health. We are A family business. We are one of the few places in Southern California where you can find friendly service ASAP and reasonable prices for repairs, maitenence, sales and books on how to live a better life with happiness, peace, joy that only one person can give.
We also offer parts and accessories.
In all, you can say that we take care of your physical and spiritual life.  We consider the body to be a place where our Creater lives in and we have to take care of it. So all that is left is that you come and Check us out! You won't regret it.


Full Service
Store Hours
This Friday, the 27th, and Saturday the 28th, we are giving a cable lock or an entry level set of lights, with purchase of a new bicycle! 
We sell, repair, and package bikes quick and profesionally. We will answer any question you have as best as possible.
 Mon - Sat
12 PM to 7PM
Sundays we are closed.
How We Started
We began Abba Padre Bikes And Books in 2000, it began as a bookstore. One time we sold our Kid's Bicycles, and thought it went well. Soon customers asked us if we did flats or tune-ups, at the time my husband worked at a bicycle shop, so I promptly said Yes
We did the work in the evening, and the next day we called the customers to pick up the bike. From there we began to sell, and fixing bikes, all while still selling, and blessing people with books and BRAGG.
Contact Us
Park in the front of the building, because we do not have a parking space in the back, and sometimes we have problems with the neighbors and The City, but we do have quarters to share with you for the parking meters. Thank You :)
Freddy, Norma,
Abraham and Esther.
Contact us by email or Phone, We are ready to help you. 
Tips For Your Bike Safety!
Here are some helpful tips for bike safety!
  • Never tie your bike from the front wheel. Because people could take your whole bicycle only leaving you with the front wheel. 
  • When you tie your bike, tie the frame and your rear wheel because it is the expensive one.
  • Don't forget to take off your lights, and your pump once you park your bicycle.
  • If you have a quick release seat post don't forget to buy a small lock for it. You can install the lock from your seat to the frame. You do not have to remove the lock.
  • When tying your bicycle on a post make sure there is something crossed on the top, if you do not someone could just take it by raising the bike over it and taking the bike with the lock. 
  • Never ride your bike in the night time without lights, it is the law (150$ ticket )
  • If you do not know your cerial number for your bike, it is on the bottom of your frame, take a picture of it. Keep it with you.
  • Remember keep your tires with air, read how many pounds is on the side of your tires.