Bikes And Books
Bikes and books never sounded better.
About Us
At the front of the store you will find the books that will give you a new way of living, thinking and seeing things in a positive and inspiring way.  Our books include favorite titles such as, 
  • "The Holy Bible"
  • "Battlefield of the Mind"
  • "Your Best Life Now"
  • " 5 Love Languages"
and  other books that can transform your life.
We also said we can help with your health and that of others. It is only found here and in Whole Foods Market. If you need information about it, here it is. The name is APPLE CIDER VINEGAR BRAGG   This can help you deal with any sickness. All you do is take a cup of water and pour two spoonfulls of Brag in the cup( if you are not diabetec you may add organic honey to it. ) Or add it to your favorite juice or tea. Then you drink it ( of course ) and your body will begin to restore physically.
You will find a variety of bikes including, Road bikes, Mountain bikes, Cruisers, and Commuter bikes. You can also find Single Gear bikes, or we can build them for you. We also provide repairs and packaging ( by a professional mechanic ). Kid's bikes are also sold and repaired here! We do not have a big selection but we can order it for you!
Our goal is to take care of your spiritual and physical life.
We are a family owned business and we know how hard it is to find good things at a fair price. 
We hope you stop by, God Bless!
The Team
  1. Freddy and Norma
    Husband and Wife, Managers of 'Abba Parde Bikes And Books'.
  2. Abraham
    In charge of keeping Bikes And Books in stock.
  3. Esther
    Handles the emails and social media, usually online customer service.